Onyx, the translucent stone that causes a stunning sensation in interior design

You may know Onyx from seeing it in jewelry and accessories, but now we can see it on walls, countertops, sinks and a long etcetera of projects. We could say that Onyx has become the jewel of interior design. Compared to marble, Onyx is presented in the market as the most expensive and sought-after semi-precious stone. It is becoming more and more common to use Onyx in interior design, since its high decorative value makes it a truly exclusive and luxurious building material.

And, although it has only recently become known worldwide, this stone was already used in ancient times for its high symbolism in relation to energies.

Uso del Onyx para el diseño de interiores en cocinas


Onyx is of volcanic origin. Specifically, it originates from the accumulation of gases expelled by volcanoes. In its origin, we find the great difference between this precious material and marble.
Onyx quarries are spread throughout the world, but its production is quite limited. We can find quarries in Mexico, Afghanistan, Turkey… Its extraction is very similar to the marble, although special care is needed because its structure is more fragile.

As we told you in previous posts, this precious material, like marble, allows two types of cuts: cross cut, producing circular figures and vein cut, creating linear patterns. This process is what makes the difference in the varieties of use of Onyx stone in interior design.


We reveal the unique characteristics of this semi-precious stone that has emerged in the world of interior design and that never ceases to surprise us.

Undoubtedly, the most outstanding property of Onyx for interior design is its translucent power. It is one of the few stones found in nature with retro illuminating properties. In addition, it is surprising how the tonalities of the pieces change with light, without it or according to the intensity of light that falls behind them.

Onyx y el diseño de interiores: una gran variedad de colores
Onyx detalle para el diseño de interiores: retroiluminación
Onyx Coca-cola, para el diseño de tu hogar
El Onyx destaca en diseño de interiores por poder traslúcido

Each Onyx piece is unrepeatable. This is another of the qualities that gives it the highest exclusivity. As a designer, you know that you are choosing a unique material.

The variety of Onyx stone for interiors is incredibly abundant. At Fiorantina Stone we work with more than 30 varieties of Onyx. This material is characterized by its striking and multiple colors. You can find it in green, white, orange, and even pink and purple.

Something that also characterizes Onyx is its delicacy. This precious material is more delicate than marble and its application is somewhat more limited in areas of heavy use such as a countertop. At Fiorantina Stone we reinforce this delicacy by reinforcing each slab with wood around it and mesh on the back side, so delicacy is not a handicap to dream big with this material.


The use of Onyx in interior design and architecture has left no one indifferent. It is the ideal stone for the creation of large backlit spaces, but the fact is that its applications are varied and, to say the least, original.

The most widespread uses are walls, bars, bathrooms… In the following gallery we show you some of the projects made with our pieces.

Verde Esmeralda Onyx en el diseño de interiores
Onyx verde y el diseño de interiores: ¡una bodega única!
Revestimiento Onyx en diseño de interiores
Isla de cocina Onyx y diseño de interiores con Travonyx
Dureza y belleza: Onyx, diseño de interior y Travertino

The limit is set by the imagination. Undoubtedly it is a material for those who want to stand out.

Visit our wide stock available and let yourself be inspired by this precious natural stone.

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