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The largest stock online of natural stone

¡Cada día nuevos materiales!

Check out Fiorantina’s stock online with more than 500 exclusive varieties of the highest quality natural stones. Our diverse catalog is daily updated with the newest incoming materials after a very careful and extensive quality control process carried out by our lovely team of experts. Colors, texture and structural integrity of materials, combined with decades of experience of our staff, are the main criteria to achieve excellence during the material selection.


Infinite patterns and countless colors of our marble stones from all over the World will provide you with endless opportunities to create aesthetically breathtaking spaces.

Quartzite and granite

The rich color palettes and a wide variety of natural patterns. Besides their luxurious appearance, Quartzite and Granite have strong durability and high resistance.


One of the most exclusive natural stones due to its decorative use. Onyx has a crystalline structure, which allows the stone to transmit light and completely change its appearance.

Agate and quartz

Agate and quartz are the most impressive semi-precious stones. A great variety of colors and unique designs are available.

Limestone and sandstone

Limestone and sandstone are essential building materials. A classic stone used for indoor and outdoor projects. Also, these stones can be successfully used in a wet areas.

ONYX, The beauty made by Mother Nature.

Onyx is a semi-precious stone, an exclusive and unique natural masterpiece. This elegant material allows interior designers to perform an infinite number of the most distinguished designs. Its translucent power will leave you speechless.

Transform your space into the most attractive place. It will not leave anyone indifferent.
Be inspired with our collection.

MARBLE, the highest expression of natural beauty

Marble has always been used as an indispensable material throughout the history of art, just remember Il David di Michelangelo. The best architectural and sculptural creations of the millennium confirm that marble is the greatest expression of natural art.

Elegant and legendary.

Quartzite and granite

Elegance, versatility, hardness and easy maintenance are the main advantages of these stones.Quartzite and granite are the best choices for your projects.

need resistance? you have found it.

Fiorantina Stone

In Fiorantina we select materials according to their quality and beauty. More than 20 year experience guarantees supply and production of the most exotic natural stones. Nowadays we export worldwide the widest range of marble, onyx, quartzite, granite, sandstone, limestone and travertine.

We perform an exhaustive quality control of each material slab by slab to guarantee excellence.