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Fiorantina Onyx

Onyx is a semiprecious variety of quartz stone, which is a hot trend in interior design and architectural works. The translucency of this product can help to create breathtaking designs, making any surface look more interactive and interesting. Use your creativity and get inspired by our exclusive selection of onyx.

Our Onyx selection

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Black Onyx


Coffee Onyx


Honey Onyx


Onyx Nuvolato


Red Onyx


Wooden Onyx


Zebra Onyx

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Our team will assist you in selecting the best finish for your project: polished for a spectacular
mirror effect, antique and honed for a natural finish and bush hammered or flamed for a bold


Spectacular mirror effect which provides a perfect background for a luxurious living space


Natural finish which confers the stone a lighter shade


Brushed (Antique) finish accentuates the natural structure of the stone, is pleasant to touch and has a matte finish. 


A bold structure perfect for external projects, is a perfect anti-slip finish and evens any dark areas of the stone


Due to its physical properties Onyx can be used in all following cases:

Interior walls


Light fixtures


Lobbies and bar areas

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