Calidad y diseño en nuestro proceso de fabricación de mármol

From the quarry up to your hands: get to know our marble manufacturing process

For us it is important to offer the best quality and finishes. The way we extract the chosen materials and the treatment they go thorough until they reach us determine, to a great extent, the resistance and quality they have. Therefore, it is fundamental to consider all the steps in the marble manufacturing process.

First, we go to different quarries in several countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Afghanistan, Turkey, Tunisia, Iran, Brazil, etc.) to select the blocks that most appeal to us. Each block is unique. For this reason, we ensure its most important factors, such as size, pattern, hardness and that it is unblemished so that we can finally offer high quality slabs.

These blocks travel to Spain and are unloaded at a third-party company where we carry out our own production. At this point in the marble manufacturing process, our quality control agents make sure to follow up exclusively to give them the best finishes and, thus, to obtain a unique result. It is here that they are stored and await the moment of their transformation.

Así garantizamos la calidad en el proceso de fabricación del mármol

Every detail matters: these are the steps of the impressive marble manufacturing process.

Marble comes to us in a natural and rough form. The next step in the marble manufacturing process is, therefore, to clean the block and prepare it for cutting.

Este es el proceso de fabricación de mármol en Fiorantina Stone

Once it is clean, the most important moment comes: deciding how to cut it. Taking into account its veins, there are two ways to cut the marble piece, which will make it unique and give it a different style:

  • Cross Cut: this cut will go through the grain and will draw an original pattern on each board. It respects the law of nature: how nature has decided the material will turn out.
  • Vein Cut: in this case, the boards will draw veins along them.

It is in this stage of the marble manufacturing process that our imagination comes into play. We must project in our mind how the pattern of the slabs may look like according to the type of cut. This is one of the most complicated and creative phases, as the result will depend on our management department and has, undoubtedly, much merit for the person behind this difficult choice.

El resultado del proceso de fabricación de mármol

Once this aspect has been decided, the block is reinforced to achieve an optimal cut and without breaks in the material. Occasionally, it is reinforced with wood around it or, even, injecting resin to fill possible holes that originate in the mountain itself.

Now it is time to cut the block. We do this on large looms that have diamond discs for maximum cutting precision.
When the slabs come out of the loom, we let them dry, since water is used in this cutting phase of the marble manufacturing process. Each block can last up to 8 hours in the loom, but it doesn’t end there: each slab must be re-stiffened one by one. A mesh and high-quality resins are adhered to them to compact them 100% and obtain an exquisite finish.

A unique finish is guaranteed on each piece

We already got the slabs cut and reinforced, now it’s time to get the maximum beauty out of them with the different finishes:

The most common finish for marble is usually polished, which provides an incredible shine with a smooth finish.

Honed follows a similar process to polished, but without achieving a shine.

If you are looking for something unique, you should know the antique finish, which gives three-dimensionality to the piece, simulating the passage of time and giving an elegant and different finish.

There is also the option of giving texture to the material with Bush-hammered finish. This finish is obtained through a process that picks the surface of the stone offering a rough texture and ideal for exteriors. This technique can be combined with brushing to give an unequaled smoothness to the texture.

Opciones a elegir en el proceso de fabricación del mármol

Even if we provide one finish, we can also provide another one, adapting to your project and needs.

During the whole marble manufacturing process, we carry out an exhaustive quality control, thus guaranteeing the best quality. In addition, it is important to emphasize that we produce in a conscious and controlled way, committing ourselves, therefore, with the environment that surrounds us.

control de calidad en el proceso de fabricación del mármol

This is the end of this long and incredible marble manufacturing process and our slabs are ready to travel anywhere in the world.